Park Particle Research’s success and foundation for future growth, is due to the quality of our products and the manner with which we conduct our business – with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards. Park Particle Research and each of its directors, officers and employees must adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and avoid even the slightest appearance of inappropriate conduct.

This underlying core principle governs all of our activities. Ethical conduct and success in business are inseparable and the objectives of Park Particle Research cannot be achieved without following this underlying core principle. The intention of the code is to help Park Particle Research to implement this underlying core principle and equip our directors, officers and employees to make better ethical decisions.

Park Particle Research’s success depends on the actions of many people, so it is vital that each employee understands our code of ethics, to which they will be held accountable.

Core Standards:

  • To perform their tasks in a reliable, responsible and cooperative manner
  • To commit to the highest levels of quality and productivity
  • To process all information properly, accurately and honestly
  • To refrain from making improper or false statements, whether written or oral
  • To refrain from requesting, accepting or giving improper favors or gifts
  • To maintain a working environment free from harassment
  • To respect the dignity and privacy of all Park Particle Research employees and affiliates
  • To protect the assets, both physical and intellectual, of Park Particle Research and our affiliates against loss, theft and misuse
  • To represent Park Particle Research in a respectable and law abiding manner, sensitive to the requirements and expectations of our fellow employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and wider community
  • To comply with all laws that Park Particle Research’s business comes under the jurisdiction of, including those that relate to the environment, compliance, insider trading, fair competition and equal opportunity and employment

Conduct by any director, officer or employee that does not meet with these core standards will not and cannot be accepted.