Our Team

Park Jeong-Ho – Chief Executive Officer

Park Jeong-Ho began his professional career with Samsung, where he spent almost 30 years, succeeding in positions in sales, operations, compliance and business management. He is the driving force behind Park Particle Research and his vast knowledge and experience have been invaluable in the companies’ success and to its continued growth.

Mr. Park holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Sejong University and his MBA is from the Yonsei School of Business.

Kim Yeong-Jin – Corporate Secretary and General Counsel

Kim Yeong-Jin is Corporate Secretary and General Counsel for Park Particle Research. He is responsible for Park Particle Research’s legal affairs, including our compliance and ethics programs, as well as all litigation, security and regulatory filings, patent registrations and joint ventures. Mr. Kim is responsible for keeping Park Particle Research’s minutes and corporate records and provides support to the Board of Directors on legal and governance matters.

Mr. Kim joined Park Particle Research from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC and is a graduate of the Korea University Law School.

William P. McMurrough – Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer of Park Particle Research, Mr. McMurrough is responsible for developing and managing the financial resources required to meet the present and future needs of Park Particle Research. Mr. McMurrough is also responsible for the management of Park Particle Research’s strategic planning as well as leading Park Particle Research’s Consultancy Unit.

Mr. McMurrough was a Senior Auditor with Arthur Andersen up until their collapse in 2002, at which time he joined Samsung as part of their internal auditing unit. He joined Park Particle Research as Chief Financial Officer in 2011.

Mr. McMurrough is the holder of a BBA degree in Finance from Penn State University and a Masters of Accounting from Columbia.

Dr. Choi Dong-Min – Chief Engineer

As Park Particle Research’s Chief Engineer, Dr. Choi Dong-Min is responsible for overseeing Park Particle Research’s entire production process and quality control. He is also the head of Park Particle Research’s research unit, which itself has a dual focus, investigating new and improving existing manufacturing techniques for graphene and researching the applications of graphene, both directly for Park Particle Research and for our clients.

Dr. Choi has worked and consulted for some of the largest companies in Korea and the world over his 34 year professional career, including Daewoo, Hyundai, Toyota, Samsung and IBM. He has also spent time as a lecturer and researcher at Sejong University’s prestigious Graphene Research Institute.

Dr. Choi is an engineering graduate from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology and his PhD is from Sejong University.