Park Particle Research is dedicated to developing new technologies built on graphene, while adding to the efficiency existing ones.

Park Particle Research has an in house research unit consisting of Scientists, Engineers and Technical Advisors, with over 50 years of combined Nanotechnology experience in business and academia, who are expertly guiding Park Particle Research through this new and exciting industry.

Park Particle Research are working on advanced applications for graphene, with joint collaborations in place with a number of clients for their specific requirements, including high performance composites and ultra-capacitors. Park Particle Research is also researching new and improving existing graphene manufacturing techniques, and identifying which processes produce graphene most suitable for each application.

Park Particle Research has access to all important machinery, including a number of different electron microscopes and spectrometers, and tests including BET, FTIR, HRTEM, SEM, XPS and XRD for graphene and tribological and mechanical tests for our composite materials research.